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Intergalactic Funk Knights

With great threads comes great responsibility

When these three best friends and breakdancing buddies stumble upon matching, vintage tracksuits in the basement of a Chinatown bargain store, they think they’ve nailed a funky new look for their dance crew. To their surprise, the suits are more than that – they’re The Great Suits of Awesome Power! – alien superhero suits lost thousands of years ago in an intergalactic dry cleaning incident.

The suits transform the trio’s righteous dance moves into kick-ass superhero manoeuvres! A backspin can knock down a building! A moonwalk suddenly propels them through time and space!

With these new superpowers they do what any kid worth their funk would do – step out as the new superheroes on the block, the Intergalactic Funk Knights! Or IFK to you! These unlikely protectors of the planet are all set to kick-ass, dance funky, and be awesome!

Intergalactic Funk Knights is created by Suren Perera & Stu Connolly (the team behind The Dukes of Bröxstônia).



52 x 11min

Production Status

In development