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Perry Parka Polar Possum

Imagine the possumbilities!

Perry Parka, accidental Mayor of the North Pole, is a Possum who sees everything as Possible. He helps his citizens with all sorts of problems. From gi-normous dilemmas to teeny tiny (but in no way insignificant) hiccups. Like when the pancake Maker can’t decide which side of the bed to get up on. Or when a Moose makes peanut butter that tastes just like jelly and jelly that tastes just like peanut butter.

See where this is heading? No? Oh. Don’t worry, Perry Parka will figure it out!

With a big heart and his own unique sense of logic, Perry only ever sees the good, the great and the glorious possibilities. In anything and everything!

The series is created by popular children’s author / illustrator / cartoonist James Proimos and accomplished producer / illustrator / animator Carlson Bull.





52 x 11min


Kids 6-9

Production Status

In development with Kid Glove Creative