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When quirky starts out-trending cool, it's a total game changer.

Year 7. The brutal first year of high school.

And for Veronica (Ronnie) Johnson, it’s the double horror of starting high school in a BRAND NEW CITY.

No sooner has she covered her books and forgotten her locker combination, the life-changing news arrives...

The first official high school party is on the calendar!

It’s going to be huge! Everybody is talking about it. It’s at Audrey’s place. Audrey is SO cool! And SO pretty! And SO nice! Her dad is sort of famous, ‘cos he was in a boy band back in the 80s and sometimes he’s on TV. Plus, they've got an infinity pool!

Everybody in Year 7 is going! Absolutely everybody!

Except Ronnie. 

And her new BFF Grace. 

And some other random kids who are a bit strange. 


Ok, so now she knows exactly where she fits in the social pecking order, what is Ronnie going to do? Sulk? Whinge? Cause a scene? Throw eggs? Have a tantrum? Cry herself to sleep?

Nah. That’s all a tad lame. And desperate. And sad.  No, there’s only one sensible way to respond to this.

Go online and create a viral sensation.


A magnet for everyone who's a little different, a little quirky.

A club for weird friends everywhere.

All 1.1 million of them (and counting)!




26 x 24mins - Live action tween comedy


Kids 8-12

Production Status

In development


Created by Sue Keating


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