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The Sapphires animated series

Based on the hit film

Whoosh! The car vanishes from sight, leaving modern day Indigenous city girls Gail, Cynthia and Julie slack-jawed in a cloud of dust. The three sisters have been left (“abandoned more like it!”) in Wallaville, deep in rural Australia, to stay with their eccentric Unc and Nan for the summer.

It gets worse when they realise they’ll be helping Nan run her B&B that she calls the Cummera Inn. Early starts, cooking and cleaning all whilst stuck with your hideous sisters? It’s like Cinderella without the fairy godmother. Worst. Summer. Ever. Their cousin Kay, also there for the holidays, isn’t much help either. She exists in a kind of dream-state, obsessed with “energy channels” and green smoothies.

Tension between these four disparate characters continues to grow, until a chance encounter helps them reconnect over their shared love of music and a curious energy they seem to generate when they sing together.

When the girls learn about Unc’s fabled past as a music producer and that he has a recording studio, they think they’ve hit the jackpot - this summer may not be so bad after all! But things are never that easy.

While Unc sees their potential, he knows the gang needs to learn some genuine life lessons before they can take advantage of their talent and make real music. And it’s up to him and Nan to ensure the girls are ready.

Set against the backdrop of a uniquely Australian town nestled on the banks of the Murray River, and incorporating a soundtrack of catchy tunes, the series takes our four girls on a wild adventure, where they learn about life, love, identity, creativity, and everything in between.

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26 x 22min


Kids 7-12 & Families

Production Status

In development with Goalpost Pictures, supported by ABC and Screen NSW