Dukes of Bröxstônia new series debuts on ABC3

Mon 15th April 2013, by Felicity Abbott

Sticky Pictures' award winning animated series The Dukes of Bröxstônia is back on tour for its third season, now in a 7-minute episode format.

The dialogue-free series about a crazy band from Bröxstônia started as a series of shorts produced for the launch of kids digital channel ABC3. The series features the madcap adventures of the teenage Dukes - singer Arj, drummer Barj and guitarist Larj. The new format in series 3 is based around a Bröxstônian TV broadcast – complete with Bröxstônian advertisements and channel idents - all in the nonsensical local language. The new series makes its worldwide debut on ABC3 from Monday, April 15th at 7.25am.

"We're confident the longer format will bring the Dukes to a wider audience. Kids will love the crazy Bröxstônian ads and products like Stinky Breath Mints," said Chris Rose, Commissioning Editor Animation at the ABC. 

The board-driven series has been punching above its weight since conception - having garnered nominations along the way for best tween/teen series at Kidscreen Awards, Cartoons on the Bay, Sicaf Korea, Stuttgart Animation Festival and now at the prestigious Annecy Animation Festival 2013.

"We are honoured to be selected for Annecy. It's a tribute to the inspired ideas of creators Stu Connolly and Suren Perera, the excellent team here in Sydney and our broadcasters who've backed the Dukes with enthusiasm from day one," said Donna Andrews, Executive Producer, Sticky Pictures.

Co-created by Sticky's Stu Connolly and designer Suren Perera, it's also the only kids TV show to play 3 years running at the London, Sydney & Melbourne animation festivals. The Dukes creative team includes award-winning comedian Andrew McClelland who provides all voices.