Goalpost Pictures & Sticky Pictures in final stages of development on "The Sapphires" series

Wed 3rd February 2016, by Perry

Australia’s leading independent feature film and TV drama producers, Goalpost Pictures and Australian kids and comedy production powerhouse, Sticky Pictures, announced today they are in the final stages of development on “THE SAPPHIRES”, an animated series based on Goalpost Pictures’ successful feature film of the same name. 

Developed with broadcaster ABC TV Australia as a 26 x 22 minute series, “THE SAPPHIRES” will be aimed at a kids (7-12 years) and family audience. Blending comedy and character-driven drama with great musical elements, the series follows Aboriginal teenagers Gail, Cynthia, Julie and Kay on their musical misadventures in a fictional rural Australian town. 

The animated series will capture all the fun, warmth, sass and sweetness of the top-grossing 2012 Australian feature which won 12 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, premiered at Cannes Film Festival and was released in over 16 countries. The accompanying soundtrack album was a double platinum success for Sony Music. 

“THE SAPPHIRES has been a wonderful journey and we are delighted Sticky Pictures is partnering with us to reach a brand new audience. We are thrilled to be working again with writers Tony Briggs and Keith Thompson; the magic that was created on screen for the original movie looks certain to appear again with the TV series, which, like the movie, will have a phenomenal soundtrack. The characters in THE SAPPHIRES are strong and inspiring role models and it is exciting for us to see the connection with a young audience” said Kylie du Fresne from Goalpost Pictures. 

“We are thrilled to be in the final stages of development with Goalpost Pictures on “THE SAPPHIRES”. Goalpost Pictures enjoyed incredible international success with THE SAPPHIRES feature film and we know this animated series will be a winner with local and international audiences. The animated series will stay true to the award-winning elements of the feature film however with contemporary storylines, fresh soulful music and animation it will take on a whole new feel that will be enjoyed by lovers of the movie and will win itself a new generation of fans” said Sticky Pictures’ CEO and Executive Producer Donna Andrews. 

Developed with support from ABC and Screen NSW