AACTA nominated

Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane

A sitcom. With songs. And puppetry. For adults.

Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane is the Australian Directors Guild Award winning, 3 time AACTA nominated musical comedy about two mismatched housemates from the acclaimed comedic duo, Sammy J & Randy - Sammy J is a hopeless, down-and- out lawyer who, six years into his legal career, is yet to win a case. And Randy is a cheating, gambling, drinking divorcee who also happens to be a purple puppet.

Loud, bright, catchy, filthy, pun-filled, twisted and bursting with heart, Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane is what happens when good, old-fashioned story-telling crashes headlong into an acclaimed, award-winning comedy duo.  Available on Seeso (US), Netflix (AU/NZ/UK), Itunes, Google Play and DVD (Australia). 

“It's doubtful there's been an Australian production as gut-bustingly funny as Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane… The show is divine lunacy, walking in the footsteps of The Young Ones and Father Ted even while retaining a peculiarly Aussie sensibility… And then there are the songs, wondrous bursts of catchy comic invention that highlight the leads' musical chops as well as their irresistibly silly comedic tastes. There are few shows more loveably ludicrous, or as willing to hold nothing back in the mad pursuit of laughs, on air right now. If Australian comedy is in a position of strength right now, Sammy J and Randy may be the strongest of all.”  (Ben Pobjie - Sydney Morning Herald)  

"With its nonsensical storylines, musical numbers and surreal universe, Sammy J. and Randy in Ricketts Lane is a breath of fresh air and attitude.” 
(David Knox - TV Tonight)  

“...there’s really nothing quite like it on the small screen. Hilarious and rude.”  
(Anna Brain - Daily Telegraph)

“groundbreaking and brilliantly funny sitcom” 
(Daily Telegraph, 17 October 2015) - link not available

“an exaggeration of the norm core suburban sitcoms of yesteryear, twisting vintage tropes into whimsical, mischievous hilarity” 
(Ray Rahman - Entertainment Weekly (US), 6 January 2016)  

"A real hoot… full of absurd storylines, brilliantly written songs and some of the most exquisite fart gags ever committed to digital video.” 
(Brad Newsome - Sydney Morning Herald, 8 September 2015)  

"a bizarre and deceptively dark six-part love letter to bygone suburbia” 
(Dan Burt - Sydney Morning Herald, 27 August 2015)

“One of Australian comedy’s dream teams” 
(Neala Johnson - Sunday Telegraph)





6 x 24min


Prime time

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A Sticky Pictures Production in association with ABC TV, Film Victoria and Screen Australia. 


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Written by and starring Sammy J and Randy. Produced by Donna Andrews, Co-produced by Chris McDonald. Directed by Jonathan Brough. Sticky Pictures Executive Producers Donna Andrews and Stu Connolly. ABC Executive Producers Rick Kalowski and Brett Sleigh.

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