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Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane

A sitcom. With songs. And puppetry. For adults.

There are some fantastic lawyers in the world. Then there’s Sammy J.

Six years into his legal career and he’s yet to win a case. He’s not helped by his tendency to wet himself in court, nor the relentless bullying of his sadistic boss Borkman - last seen installing a hot tub in Sammy J’s office and moving him into the stationery cupboard.

There are also some fantastic husbands in the world. Then there’s Randy. 

When he wasn’t cheating on his wife, Randy’s hobbies included gambling, drinking, and cheating on his wife. He hit rock bottom after the divorce, she went on to host a top-rating current affairs program, “Thumbs Down with Victoria Vincent”. So he still sees her every night in his living room. And every day, through binoculars. 

Oh, and Randy is also a purple puppet. But he doesn’t care, so nor should you. When his divorce lawyer Sammy J managed to lose him everything, he offered his spare room to Randy for a fortnight. That was twelve months ago.

Now, like it or not, the two are inseparable - loyal, eccentric, and prone to bursting into song at any given moment. It’s an improbable friendship, sure, but beggars can’t be choosers. And truth be told, Sammy J might just hold the key for Randy to win back his ex-wife, and Randy’s constant scheming might be Sammy J’s ticket to legal triumph. 

By “might’, we mean “will”, but you’ll have to watch the series to see it unfold.

Loud, bright, catchy, filthy, pun-filled, twisted, and bursting with heart, “Ricketts Lane” is what happens when good, old-fashioned story telling crashes headlong into an acclaimed, award-winning comedy duo.

Welcome to Ricketts Lane. Now on seeso  (USA), DVD, Itunes and Google Play. 





6 x 24min


Prime time

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A Sticky Pictures Production in association with ABC TV, Film Victoria and Screen Australia. 


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Written by and starring Sammy J and Randy. Produced by Donna Andrews, Co-produced by Chris McDonald. Directed by Jonathan Brough. Sticky Pictures Executive Producers Donna Andrews and Stu Connolly. ABC Executive Producers Rick Kalowski and Brett Sleigh.

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